VersaSpa is unlike any other sunless tanning experience thanks to the innovative designs of MT INDUSTRIES, INC. These booths feature state-of-the-art comfort technologies that you won't find anywhere else, such as:

EZ-2Breathe - Produces a fresh, comfortable atmosphere through built-in air purification column that draws impure air out of the booth during applications.

Comfort-Dry - Leaves you dry after every application by gently blowing soft and refreshing air over the treated area. This feature efficiently prepares the skin for a new treatment or for a moisture-free exit.

The luxury of VersaSpa even extends to the booth itself, providing you with an ultra comfortable, wide open, non-claustrophobic design for added relaxation during tanning.

And with three applications to choose from - pre-sunless hydration spray, skin bronzing solution, and UV skin-defining maximizer - VersaSpa delivers what even deluxe tanning treatments can't. The perfect combination of beauty, comfort, and quality.